Swishing with coconut oil, it’s all the rage. Look it up, you’ll see it’s helping people with all kinds of illnesses by detoxifying their mouths and bodies. Some say it’s hooey, and maybe it is, but my gums are loving it and my teeth are definitely whiter since having started doing it.

The problem is that it takes 20 minutes of swishing with coconut or sesame oil to be truly effective for whole-body detoxification. Yes, that seems excessive, but here’s the theory why:

The mucosa tissues of your body are oil-permeable and when oil is present in your mouth, there is an exchange going on through the tissues. It is believed that as you’re swishing the oil through your teeth, that sucking action is also pulling toxins from your blood through your cheek tissues (because of the oil permeability).  20 minutes is approximately the time for a full cycle of blood to circulate past your cheeks, so that it’s thoroughly filtered and spit out when you’re done.

Let’s talk about another thing most people don’t mention about oil pulling. The taste and the gagging! I’m a huge fan of coconut oil, I use it whenever I can. I put it on toast, cook with it, and smear it all over my body when it’s warranted. That said, putting a glob of it in my mouth, waiting for it to melt, and then swishing with it, YUCK! I tried. I really tried. I’m a trooper, but if it’s something that I want or need to do every day, it better be easy or it will fall by the wayside like so many other health trends I wanted to stick with.

Okay, so now you get why it’s 20 minutes. Is it a waste of time for you? Probably not if you’re looking to detoxify your mouth or body. But here’s a another question. Are you going to keep doing it if it’s not pleasant?

I kept it up for about a week before I couldn’t take it anymore. I began to dread it. Even when I melted the coconut oil first, it still made me want to gag. That’s when I added the sweet xylitol and boy did that help!  I read about so many wonderful dental properties of xylitol, I was eager to add it.

Swishing was getting easier, my gums were looking good, but I still wanted whiter teeth. That’s when the charcoal powder came into the picture. To add to my new oil pulling routine, I was going to dip my toothbrush in charcoal powder and brush. Looking forward to my new smile!

So with my charcoal-dipped toothbrush in hand, I got to whitening. I was excited and the results were good. What wasn’t good, was the big, black, splattery mess all over my bathroom sink and counter. Not the worst problem in the world, but again, if I gotta clean the bathroom every time, this task too, might fall to the wayside. And it did, fast.

Lightbulb moment, put ’em together, so you don’t have to clean the bathroom.   That was going well, then I started experimenting and researching different oils, including essential oils. Measurements and ratios came into the mix and Black Oil Mouthwash was born.

The unintentional result was a mouthwash that felt like it was scrubbing between my teeth as I used it. The initial texture of the xylitol granules, before they dissolve, combined with the texture of the charcoal powder, makes for a luxurious texture, that thins as you swish.

The whitening effect of this combination was remarkably more effective than plain coconut oil. I even did some experiments testing different stained objects shaken in both oils for comparison. Every time, my new mouthwash beat out plain oil.

Another unintentional result was that I found I could swish for less time (when I’m not looking to detox my whole body) and still get great results. If I forgot to floss, my gums weren’t achy. My plaque build-up slowed dramatically. I used to be a dental hygienists, so I have all my tools to clean my own plaque. I struggled to find some, trust me, this is unusual for me.

Black Oil Mouthwash has proven to myself and others, that your oil pulling routine certainly can be more efficient!