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Product Highlights:


  • NO EMULSIFIERS! We only use 100% pure, UNBOUND OIL to preserve the fatty acids which are responsible for destroying free radicals and to ensure the effective breakdown of bacterial biofilm.
  • GREAT TASTE: Naturally sweetened with powerful, plaque-fighting xylitol. Eliminates the gagging commonly associated with oil pulling.
  • REMOVES CANNABIS STAINS from teeth better than any other mouthwash. Tobacco too!
  • ARTISAN CRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES and created specifically for those who cherish and respect the ritual of self-care. Non-gmo, natural, wholesome, and good. Prepared with genuine respect for the ancient, time-honored, Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling.
  • WHITENS TEETH and FRESHENS BREATH BETTER than plain coconut oil thanks to the activated charcoal. Think of it as a “more efficient way to oil pull”.
  • EASY TO USE: Just swish for a few minutes a day for great results.

What is Black Oil Mouthwash?

Black Oil Mouthwash is based on the 5000-year old Ayurvedic tradition of swishing oil between your teeth in an effort to detoxify your mouth and your entire body. Today, we call it oil pulling. You may have heard of it on social media where people are dissolving coconut oil in their mouths and swishing with it. According to ancient texts, it is said to cure over 30 systemic diseases. Oil pullers around the world have experienced clearer skin, whiter teeth, healthier gums, some weight loss, thicker hair, less plaque & cavities, increased energy, fresh breath, reduced symptoms of TMJ, better sleep, reduction in hot flashes, improved sinus health, and even cured hangovers!

The theory behind oil pulling is an interesting one. Since the mucosa tissue in your mouth is oil permeable, it is thought that the swishing stimulates an exchange through your cheeks and while your sucking and pulling the oil through your teeth, you are also pulling the toxins out of your blood through your cheeks. When you spit out the oil, you are spitting out the toxins.

If you’ve ever tried oil pulling, you may have found the experience to be less than pleasant. That’s why I created Black Oil Mouthwash! It makes swishing with oil a pleasant task with it’s sweet taste and luscious texture. I also added activated charcoal powder (that’s what makes it black) to boost the oil’s whitening and detoxification process .As you pull and suck the mouthwash between your teeth, you’ll feel the texture of the powdered charcoal and xylitol flowing between your teeth in places you know your floss will never reach. This thoroughly cleansing mouthwash not only whitens better, it soothes your gums, reduces plaque, and will leave your mouth feeling cleaner than its ever felt before.




Benefits of Swishing with Oil:

  • Oil breaks down the biofilm that encases bacteria leading to its destruction.
  • The fatty acids in the oils are responsible for destroying free radicals.
  • Oil effortlessly dissolves the oil-based resin and tar stains left on teeth from smoking tobacco and cannabis.
  • Soothes and heals the soft mucosa tissue in the mouth.

Black Oil Mouthwash was originally designed as a delicious alternative to oil pulling, but we also discovered that it is a great tooth brushing booster! Just pour a little on your toothbrush (with or without toothpaste) and brush as usual. With the oil’s ability to dissolve plaque, you’ll end up with a much more efficient brushing routine. Plus, you’ll use less mouthwash.

The Powerful Benefits of Oil Pulling with Xylitol

  • Relieves gingivitis, puffy, bleeding gums
  • Lowers saliva pH and creates an alkaline environment
  • Reduces decay-causing bacteria
  • Prevents plaque from sticking to teeth
  • Encourages tooth remineralization
  • Soothes chronic dry mouth
  • Eliminates chronic bad breath and the bacteria that causes it
Beneficial Oil Trio - Coconut +Sesame + Avocado

​​​​​​​We created an exquisite union of powerful coconut, traditional sesame, and vitamin-packed avocado oil to provide you with a complete spectrum of beneficial properties. Our MCT fractionated coconut oil was processed without the use of any chemicals and will remain in liquid form, no melting necessary and safer for plumbing. Our avocado & sesame oils are both expellor-pressed and naturally refined.

Highest Quality Xylitol Makes Swishing Taste Great

If you look, you’ll find that most of the oral care products out there are using xylitol made from corn husks and stalks, usually from China and usually GMO but not ours! We only use the finest quality xylitol made from 100% USA grown birch tree bark.

Pure Activated Charcoal Ensures Fresh Breath

The activated charcoal particles bind to organic compounds (stains and odors) and act like little sponges. Our activated charcoal is from renewable hardwood trees grown in North-Eastern U.S. and we chose it because it was the least gritty of the dozens we experimented with. And don’t worry, after swishing and spitting, your teeth will not appear black.

Deliciously Flavored with Organic Essential Oils

To make our mouthwash taste even better, we use only certified organic essential oils. The essential oils also amplify the anti-microbial benefits you receive from the oil pulling process.

No Glycerin Ever

Research regarding tooth re-mineralization has shown that glycerin can potentially block the tooth tubules (like pores) which halts the exchange of minerals into the teeth. If this is true, could you imaging all the time you would waste swishing if your teeth were blocked with glycerin the whole time?

Artisan Crafted in New York's Majestic Hudson Valley

​Handmade in small batches and created especially for those who cherish and respect the ritual of self-care.  Black Oil Mouthwash is authentically prepared using uncomplicated ingredients; Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, Avocado Oil, Activated Charcoal, Xylitol, and Organic Essential Oils. Made with love, and thoughtfully packaged with white glove service to bring you an unparalleled oral care product.

Important information about our product and our principles….

The ingredients in our handcrafted mouthwash tend to settle to the bottom of the bottle, therefore, it should be shaken vigorously prior to using. The reason for this is because we DO NOT EMULSIFY the sweet xylitol into the oil. We certainly could, but that would involve dissolving the xylitol in water first and then mixing that into the oil with the use of an emulsifier which changes the molecular structure of the oil, allowing the oil to bond with water. This is great for certain items like salad dressing, but the whole point of oil pulling is for the oil to absorb and bond with your oral toxins. When the molecular structure of the oil has been disturbed and pre-saturated, we have no evidence to show that it can still do its job. We feel we have a duty to preserve the integrity of the oil and keep our product as close to the ancient principles as possible, while still providing an innovative oral rinse. So please note that if the oil doesn’t taste sweet, just shake the bottle a little more.

Which Flavor Appeals to You?


If the vibrant smell of fresh peppermint can exhilarate the senses and delight the spirit, imagine what swishing with it can do! This cool classic will leave your mouth feeling truly invigorated and cleansed.

Orange Spice

Your oil pulling routine just got interesting with this alluring blend of essential oils. Clearly orange and (non-burning) cinnamon at first taste, but soon you’ll delight in the subtle undertones of ginger root and cloves. This refreshing blast of flavor will soon be your new favorite.

Tea Tree Spearmint

Did you hear that tea tree oil tastes great? Me neither. Tea tree oil is renowned for its ability to fight dental infections and gum disease, but it’s also known for it’s strong taste. We can’t hide its true flavor, but we did manage to disguise it with cool & sweet spearmint and we think you’ll love this healing and invigorating blend.

Common Questions and Concerns Answered:

Will it make my teeth black?

Not at all! The black color of the mouthwash is from the activated charcoal powder that is added to the oil. If you have any black residue on your teeth after spitting, it is the charcoal powder gently clinging to existing plaque or setting in crevasses. and that means you just need to spit a little more to get it all out. It will however stain anything fabric such as clothing, towels, shower curtains, and bath mats, so be careful with it.

Is it thicker than regular mouthwash?

Yes. If you’ve never swished with oil before, it may take a minute to get used to this new texture. It’s also feels thicker because of the powders (charcoal and xylitol) that are added to the oil. These powders tend to sink to the bottom of the bottle, so that’s why you need to shake it before using it. As you swish, the xylitol powder dissolves in your saliva (thinning the mouthwash), but the charcoal will not. These powders give Black Oil Mouthwash its unique texture that you can feel flowing between your teeth. These powders are non-abrasive, yet feel like you’re getting a good scrubbing between your teeth.

How long should I swish for?

This answer varies depending on what your goal is. If you are looking for the oil pulling, full body detox, then 20 minutes a day is suggested. If you just want whiter teeth, healthier gums, and less plaque, you certainly can swish for less time than that, say 5-10 minutes. It also depends on the condition of your mouth, but the longer the plaque has been sitting there, the longer it’s going to take to get it off. If you tend to accumulate plaque quickly, brushing with Black Oil Mouthwash can give you faster results.

Do my gums really need to be moisturized?

Yes! All the mucosa tissues of your body crave oil and readily absorb it. Try to think of it this way, if the skin on your hand was very chapped and you submerged your hand in water, you would not feel the chapping anymore, it would feel smooth. In a similar way, your gums are coated in saliva, so you can’t notice that they are dry and chapped. The only way to tell is when your gums start to go from a healthy light pink color to a more red color. You may also have bleeding gums, which is a sure sign that they need to be moisturized. Luckily, this condition clears up very quickly when you swish with oil.

Can I spit it out in the sink?

Yes you can, but remember, it could be a little messy. Be careful of splattering and keep hot water running to facilitate it going down the drain. The oil will not solidify and clog pipes. To avoid any potential problem, you can also spit it into a trash can. After you use it a few times, you’ll find what works best for you.

Should I rinse after using?

It’s not really recommended to rinse after. You want to keep a little oil residue in your mouth to moisturize your gums. If you must rinse, do it sparingly.

Should I brush my teeth before or after using it?

You don’t have to, but brushing (and flossing) before using it helps the mouthwash do a more efficient job. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to use a toothbrush, Black Oil Mouthwash will do an excellent job of making your mouth feel clean by removing the plaque film that’s accumulated on your teeth throughout the day.

Can kids use it?

Yes! We use all natural and safe ingredients and there are lots of kids using it. The only issue is spilling and splattering.

What if I swallow some?

Don’t worry, everybody swallows some while they swish and it’s perfectly safe because of the great ingredients.

Is there any downside to using Black Oil Mouthwash?

Yes. It’s potentially messy, you need to shake it before you use it, and it’s a little pricey because it’s handmade in small batches. Other than that, it’s the greatest mouthwash you’ll ever try!

Soy Free
No Glycerin
No Fluoride
Cruelty Free
100% Natural

Easy & Pleasant To Use. No Mess, No Gagging.​​​​​​​
Just swish a teaspoon or two of oil in your mouth. Slowly pull and suck the oil between your teeth. Ayurvedic health professionals recommend pulling for 20 minutes a day, but even a few minutes, a few times a week, will yield positive results. *Works great when used as a supplemental booster to your regular oil pulling routine too.  Spit in trash or a sink with hot water. *Be careful not to splatter, it will stain.